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Fellow Profit Seeker,

It was an unofficial family secret until 1954.

That’s when my father Malcolm spilled the beans by launching Forbes’ Special Situation Survey and sending his ideas to a few close friends.

Of course, his trusted friends were some of the smartest, toughest–minded, most demanding investors in the world. One thing they kept demanding: more issues of Special Situation Survey.

A few months from now, you’ll be just like my father’s friends. You’ll smile for reasons known only to your fellow members as it dawns on you. You’re with the elite who have followed our conservative advice and gained:

+31% in 9 months
+52% in 5 months
+18% in 17 months
+107% in 13 months

I expect you’ll become just as spoiled as we are.

But don’t get the wrong idea. Piling up such impressive profits so quickly does not require high–risk, quick–hit strategies, as many might think.

As you read on, you’ll see our half–century–tested strategy helps control risk — to the point where 7 out of 10 of our recommendations have been winners.

And get this: Independent analysis by the Hulbert Financial Digest concludes that a portfolio invested in our picks returned 460% over the last 10 years, good enough to make it the top newsletter on the market, out of the 203 that are available. In comparison, the S&P 500 gained 77% during that stretch.*

If making profits when the average investor is treading water sounds like your cup of tea, then keep reading. It gets even better.

Wall Street’s embarrassed 8–9 times a year.

“Flat earnings projected.”

“No leadership.”

“Already fully priced.”


Those are the kind of labels Wall Street typically gives stocks in trouble.

We give them a closer look.

We apply our ultra–conservative discounted cash flow analysis to find undervalued stocks.

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And forget management’s numbers. We use our own. It’s not that we don’t trust the world’s CEOs, it’s just that we trust ourselves more. No stone is left unturned. Now I ask you...

Would a series of rapid 33% winners fit into your portfolio?

Small–cap, mid–cap, large–cap — we never limit our search. Our only focus is profit. Our aim is to find stocks that are undervalued and wait until the market returns them to proper value, typically within 24 months.

Using this proven strategy, we piled up gains like:

+40% in 9 months (Family Dollar Stores)
+52% in 5 months (Office Depot)
+81% in 17 months (American Superconductor)
+107% in 13 months (EMC Corp.)
+51% in 5 months (Western Digital Corp.)
+91% in 6 months (Rite–Aid)
+39% in 94 days (Boeing)
+52% in 74 days (Honeywell)
+52% in 13 months (L–3 Communications)
+56% in 5 months (Tesoro Petroleum)
+43% in 12 months (Ross Stores)
+45% in 7 months (Valero Energy)
+30% in 21 days (American Mgt. Systems)
+50% in 6 months (Immucor)
+39% in 11 months (Rock Tenn)
+41% in 4 months (Qualcomm)
+31% in 12 months (UnitedHealth Group)
+49% in 3 months (Tetra Technologies)

In the interest of full disclosure, I do want to tell you that about 3 of 10 are losers, like:

–10% in 20 months (ITT Corporation)
–43% in 24 months (ManTech International)
–5% in 5 months (Illinois Tool Works)

No one is perfect! But I urge you to join us today. The grass can really be greener on this side. Admission, however, comes only by invitation, and at a price.

Consider this letter your invitation.

As for price...

Obviously, any investment advice compelling enough to capture my father’s friends would command a hefty fee. Today, I see newsletters being hawked like hot dogs, but for as much as $5,000 a year. Some investors even pay $10,000 or more for “super” advice.

My Gift To You: $400 Off Your Subscription Price

We don’t normally pick up more than half the tab for our members.

But in your case, I have no problem with it because I believe you’ll see the long–term value of our elite service and gladly continue your membership for years to come.

Frankly, we can't afford to pay $400 of your membership cost for you.

We'd lose money - short term.

But long term? Well, long term is a great way to think. It also happens to be a great business model.

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With that in mind, paying $400 of your first year of membership is a business model I believe works for both of us.

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As a member, you will receive 12 stock recommendations a year. Just remember: 70% of them (8 to 9 out of 12) have turned out to be great picks.

History proves it.

Forbes Special Situation Survey

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Frankly, looking at our history of making an average of 33% eight or nine times a year is reason enough to join, if you ask me. But Special Situation Survey makes your experience even more enjoyable with...

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In your FREE copy of the Forbes Investors Guide, you’ll learn important investing truths that many investors seem to have forgotten or never learned in the first place, including:

  • Wall Street recommendations: Why you should be VERY cautious about the stock recommendations you’re getting from your broker.
  • Diversification: Some have taken to arguing that diversification doesn’t matter anymore. Read this before you decide...
  • Small cap vs. large cap stocks: Which is really the better performer over the long term (the answer might surprise you).
  • The January Effect: Conventional wisdom says buy stocks for big run in December and January but see what our research shows.
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signed Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes

* P.S. Don’t run the risk of being wait listed. Membership is capped at just 5,000 — in order to avoid unduly affecting the market with our buy–sell recommendations. The place reserved for you will be given to someone else unless we hear from you within the next 3 days. I hope you understand our position. And I do look forward to having you join our family of sophisticated investors.

*Performance figures are as of September 30, 2012.

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